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Entry details for Photo ID 102584

Entry Id: 102584
Pet's Name:Cinder and Ember
Owner's Name:Mallory Gonia
Short Bio of Pet:Cinder and Ember are brother and sister. We adopted Ember and she was heartbroken and hid for a week. We did not know Cinder was her brother and when we found out how sad he was as well, we rushed to adopt him too. We are so glad we did as they clearly love each other so much. They can often be found playing, cuddling, or taking to each other with their little chirps. Don't be fooled though, they definitely have their own wild personalities. Cinder insists on being carried around on our shoulders and definitely knows how to get what he wants. He can also be found chasing flies and attacking any shadow or light he sees. Ember is afraid of strangers, but rules this house when no guests are here. She loves hair ties and will do anything to find one. She likes to hide all her toys under the couch and is into everything. She makes up for her wild attitude by being the best cuddler, especially if you have a beard for her to bury her face into.

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