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Like Father, Like Son (or daughter!) Look-Alike Contest Entries

Grand Prize: Recliner from Anders Furniture store.

Voter’s Prize: Charbroil AT280 gas grill from Marvin’s hardware store

Displaying entries 1 through 20 of 40 total entries.
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Photo ID: 90445
Eric Hardy
Votes: 360
Photo ID: 90452
Ronald J. Turner Sr.
Ronald J. Turner II
Votes: 200
Photo ID: 90499
Darrell Thomas
Ty Thomas
Votes: 120
Photo ID: 90512
Joe Tew
Addison Tew
Votes: 100
Photo ID: 90513
Joe Tew
Alden Tew
Votes: 100
Photo ID: 90514
Votes: 70
Photo ID: 90450
Adam Follett
Votes: 20
Photo ID: 90481
Peter Ochello
Tony & Brandy Ochello
Votes: 20
Photo ID: 90507
Kirby Newell
Anna Leigh Newell
Votes: 20
Photo ID: 90446
Robert L Powell
Robert R Powell
Votes: 10
Photo ID: 90482
Rodolfo Rios
Summer Rios
Votes: 10
Photo ID: 90430
Jerry Carlson
Joshua Carlson
Votes: 0
Photo ID: 90439
freddie kirk
Votes: 0
Photo ID: 90440
Dennis graham
Votes: 0
Photo ID: 90451
Chris Williamson
Colton Williamson
Votes: 0
Photo ID: 90462
anterio scott
anterio scott jr
Votes: 0
Photo ID: 90464
anterio scott
anterio scott jr
Votes: 0
Photo ID: 90466
anthony blevins
caleb blevins
Votes: 0
Photo ID: 90470
Scott Smith
Votes: 0
Photo ID: 90476
Ben Dear
Ayden Dear
Votes: 0

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