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2017 Baby Calendar Contest Entries

Prizes.  First place winner will receive a $500.00 Walmart Gift Card & $100.00 Chick-fil-a Gift Card.  Second Place winner will receive a $250.00 Walmart Gift Card & $50.00 Chick-fil-a Gift Card. Third Place winner will receive a 100.00 Walmart Gift Card & $50.00 Chick-fil-a Gift Card. 

The first place winner will also be featured on the cover of The Union-Recorder 2018 Baby Calendar, and the 2nd, 3rd and following 9 runners-up will be featured next to one of the 12 months of the calendar.

Displaying entries 1 through 25 of 25 total entries.
Photo ID: 94691
Belle Ward
Jason & Brooke Ward
Votes: 5197
Photo ID: 94666
Jade McKenzie Hampton
Courtney R. Anderson & Tray Hampton
Votes: 5176
Photo ID: 94667
Ryder Lee
Jessica Thurmond
Votes: 3690
Photo ID: 94692
Jaliaa & Malisa Parks
Sidney & Melisa Parks
Votes: 3212
Photo ID: 94686
Justin Rocker
Justin Rocker & Tanisha Watkins
Votes: 2724
Photo ID: 94682
Ameeyah N. Wright
Lekandrea Birdsong & Ronnie Wright
Votes: 2220
Photo ID: 94680
Marcus A. Gilbert Jr.
Shalaylah & Marcus A. Gilbert Sr.
Votes: 2102
Photo ID: 94672
Chloe Michele Dunn
Jacquail Butts and Frederick Dunn
Votes: 2062
Photo ID: 94658
Chancelor Justice
Calvin Justice and Felicia Latrel Forney
Votes: 1690
Photo ID: 94665
Brayden Messiah Devero
Ra'Shameshia Devero
Votes: 1630
Photo ID: 94681
Ny'Ier Ray
Yasheika Vasser & Nichelos Ray
Votes: 1373
Photo ID: 94694
Raley Shea Smith
Jenna Martin & John Smith
Votes: 884
Photo ID: 94662
Landon Stuart Carruthers
Candice Dukes and Nick Carruthers
Votes: 883
Photo ID: 94678
Clyde Haynes
Clyde & Amanda Haynes
Votes: 880
Photo ID: 94676
Za'Miya Brown
Cecilia Farley
Votes: 635
Photo ID: 94669
Lacy Holcomb
Votes: 540
Photo ID: 94670
Ariah Clemons
Tonika Clemons
Votes: 470
Photo ID: 94687
Riyan Aiden Sanford
Kendra & Victor Sanford
Votes: 180
Photo ID: 94693
Jade Fort
Prianna and Eric Fort
Votes: 140
Photo ID: 94663
Jaliah Speights
JaQuandra Speights & Dormaine Mitchell
Votes: 120
Photo ID: 94671
Elijah Swanson
Brian and Kristi Swanson
Votes: 100
Photo ID: 94695
Everett Anne Harper
Amanda & Trey Harper
Votes: 80
Photo ID: 94690
Ava Bullard
Ursula Bryant and Antonio Bullard
Votes: 60
Photo ID: 94636
Easton Joel Bates
Kayla and Steve Bates
Votes: 40
Photo ID: 94688
Reagan Horne
Casey Horne
Votes: 40

Questions? Please read the official rules or send an email to our contest coordinator.