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2019 Baby Calendar Contest Entries

Prizes.  First place winner will receive a $500.00 Walmart Gift Card & $100.00 Chick-fil-a Gift Card.  Second Place winner will receive a $250.00 Walmart Gift Card & $50.00 Chick-fil-a Gift Card. Third Place winner will receive a 100.00 Walmart Gift Card & $50.00 Chick-fil-a Gift Card.  

The first place winner will also be featured on the cover of The Union-Recorder 2020 Baby Calendar, and the 2nd, 3rd and following 9 runners-up will be featured next to one of the 12 months of the calendar.

Displaying entries 1 through 21 of 21 total entries.
Photo ID: 102123
Khloe Dior Bryant
Daavaneek Brookins and Kristain Bryant
Votes: 5533
Photo ID: 102129
Kennedy Monae Hart
Konica Williams and Corey Hart
Votes: 5360
Photo ID: 102135
Ja'Mya Le'Ana Walls
Jameria Smith and Jamarus Walls
Votes: 4840
Photo ID: 102027
Taylan Adams
Tyler and Porsche Adams
Votes: 4749
Photo ID: 102035
Korra Ann Donohue
Sara Donohue and Tabor Bushey
Votes: 3225
Photo ID: 102033
Paris Evans
Kendra Kerbo & Jasper Evans
Votes: 1538
Photo ID: 102136
Tiana Anderson
Jermelia Renfore and Ladreqous Anderson
Votes: 1340
Photo ID: 102137
J'Leya Bell
Jaleesa Harris and Jeremy Bell
Votes: 1030
Photo ID: 102048
Xenovia Michelle Whitfield
Dereck Whitfield and Ja'Kayla Johnson
Votes: 930
Photo ID: 102034
Landon Stuart Carruthers
Candice Dukes and Nick Carruthers
Votes: 672
Photo ID: 102127
Myles Lincoln Paradise
Clint and Toni Michelle Paradise
Votes: 625
Photo ID: 102031
Jacob Kelvin Lewis Jr
Brandi and Jake Lewis
Votes: 368
Photo ID: 102030
Morgan Alexander Nolan
Nicklos and Victoria Nolan
Votes: 360
Photo ID: 102036
Eli Floody
Matthew and Ashleigh Floody
Votes: 360
Photo ID: 102106
Lucas Gunter
Dustin and Jennifer Gunter
Votes: 321
Photo ID: 102130
Emmett Eubanks
Jay & Ashley Eubanks
Votes: 220
Photo ID: 102037
Carolanne Floody
Matthew and Ashleigh Floody
Votes: 160
Photo ID: 102032
Hadley James Pearce
Kenley and Dalton Pearce
Votes: 120
Photo ID: 102131
Hailie Willford
Heather Benson
Votes: 88
Photo ID: 102134
Everleigh West
Votes: 80
Photo ID: 102029
Kensley Leigh Williams
Kenteria Williams & Kevin Williams
Votes: 20

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